September 11th – A Real Bed To Sleep In

     I woke up to a colorful Wyoming sunrise – and lazily resented the bright light streaming through the windshield into my face.

     No, I am not a morning person. When I go to bed, I’m excited about the next day. When I wake up, I just want to stay in the comfort of my sleeping bag. Last night, I saw the sun setting in the west and thought, “Oh, I’ll park facing the opposite way, so that I can have a clear view of the sun as it rises in the east.” This morning, I bemoaned the sun’s bothersome presence because it disturbed my sleep.

     But I did get up and went about my morning tasks. Well, first I sat up in my sleeping bag, reached into my dry foods box, and pulled out the last of five plums that I had purchased in West Yellowstone. I stayed there, enjoying the fruit and scolding the warm sun for waking me, then finally got up for real.

     I knew my destination today – Laramie, Wyoming. I would treat myself to a night at a hotel so that I could shower and relax. Before leaving my spot on the canyon rim, I made a reservation at the Laramie Quality Inn. Then, I drove down the dirt road back to the highway and took this picture of the terrifying spire I had driven out to see last night.

     The drive to Laramie went quickly. I listened to my current audiobook, The Life of Greece, which is about exactly what the title says it’s about. It traces the history of Greece through the numerous invasions, rulers, and societal changes that it went through.

     When I arrived in Laramie, I checked into my hotel and settled in. My first order of business was to shower off all the dirt I had accumulated in Wyoming. There was Yellowstone dirt and Grand Teton dirt and even a little bit of dirt that didn’t have a brand name. I made sure to leave it all behind – I didn’t want to be guilty of stealing dirt.

     As I rested in my comfortable bed, all nice and clean, I decided I wanted some pizza. It had been awhile since I’d had anything other than my strange sandwich inventions. So I looked at Yelp reviews to find out if there were any good local pizza shops. There weren’t, so I settled on Dominoes. I ordered online – and what an experience that was! It was like shopping on Amazon. They had stock photos of what my pizza would look like with each ingredient choice, and once I ordered there was a meter that told me what stage my pizza was at. It showed that the order placed was placed and updated when the pizza moved to the next station – prep, bake, quality check, and pickup rack.

     I picked up my pizza and ate most of it. The two that were left over went into my fridge (I’m at a hotel, I have a refrigerator!) for lunch tomorrow. Then I did a little bit of writing and headed to the spa. This time I was the only occupant, so I had both a more peaceful and less interesting soak than I’d had at the West Yellowstone KOA.

     The relaxing water almost put me to sleep, and falling into my bed is just about to put me over the edge. Goodnight!

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