Here is the story.

I grew up in Orange County, California. I was homeschooled all twelve years of primary school. I went to Santiago Canyon College and got an Associate of Arts degree in Economics.

After all of that, I was a little bored. I wanted to see the world.

The world is a big place. So I figured I would start with the country I live in. I postponed thoughts of finishing my formal education for a semester and set off on a four-month road trip around the United States.

Spoiler alert: I made it back home in one piece. Now I am attending Grand Canyon University and I plan to graduate in April of this year (2019).

The trip was incredible. This blog is my record of the wonderful people I met and the beautiful sights I saw along the way. It is the story of a twenty-one year old young man trying to experience the world and understand it a little bit better.

Thank you to everyone who helped me along my way; thank you for allowing me to spend a night at your house or just inviting me to stop by for a quick visit. I am deeply grateful for all the new and old friends I got to spend time with on this adventure.

A huge thank you goes to my family. They supported me and encouraged me from the first time I mentioned this idea. They wished me all the best as I–the child who never wanted to leave the house–said goodbye on August 21st, 2017. For the next four months, they made time to follow my journey. When I pulled into the driveway on December 20th, they greeted me warmly with smiles, hugs, and a sheet of homemade cookies that spelled “welcome home.”

My entries are categorized by month for easy access, from my departure in August to my return in December. The entries will all be uploaded by the end of March. Eventually the final tab will be filled with cool highlights from the trip and graphics of the route I took around the country.