August 28th – Driving through Washington

     Wouldn’t it be wonderful for a day to go exactly according to plan?

     Today did go that way and I have to admit that it was a little bit boring. There were no spur-of-the-moment problems to deal with. No adventures, perilous encounters, near-death-experiences. No car engine break downs. Hmm, I suppose it was quite a good day after all.

     This morning, I regretfully said goodbye to my gracious hosts, their adorable cat Lyle and the wonderful room I stayed in. As I left the M&C Manor, I was treated to a beautiful landscape highlighted by a red sun (a result of the forest fires nearby).

     I drove back south a little way to Eugene to pick up a small package that had been shipped to an Amazon locker there for me. Then, I started my real journey – all the way north to Seattle. And before I knew it, I arrived! The trip took about six and a half hours, including one stop for coffee. It was my smoothest drive yet.

     I am staying with my Uncle Ross and Aunt Diane who have a house in Edmonds, just north of Seattle, with a gorgeous view of Puget Sound. When I got all settled in, we went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Edmonds. I tried crab enchiladas – who knew that enchiladas were ever made with crab? They turned out to be wonderful. During and after dinner, my Aunt and Uncle helped me formulate my plans for tomorrow’s tour of downtown Seattle. I can’t wait to get started!

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