August 22nd – San Luis Obispo

    Today is a hard day to write about. A lot happened, but most of the happenings were conversations. I woke up a little before 8 A.M. and had breakfast with my Aunt and Uncle. We continued talking all through the morning until we had a wonderful lunch of salmon salad and toast. During my stay, I enjoyed several kinds of fresh produce from my Aunt’s garden. I had cucumber, plum, heirloom tomato, and steamed zucchini. I was also given a bag full of plums for the road.

    Eventually, it was time to leave. I drove the short distance to San Luis Obispo and met my friend at his house. He had arranged previously with one of his friends for a place I could stay. After we talked at his house for awhile, he took me to where I would stay for the night. The owners of the house only use a small part of it, so they rent out several rooms using Airbnb.

  My room was wonderful and the whole house and residential development were beautiful. My friend and I continued talking while we had dinner on the veranda. I mentioned several of the destinations I have planned and he told me that he has a friend who lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago, so now I will have someone to visit while I’m there! We continued talking and I played a few songs on my guitar. A little before 9 P.M. he returned to his house to allow me a peaceful night of sleep.

    Before going to sleep, I enjoyed the chance to relax and think. So far I’ve spent a lot of time visiting with people, so there are a lot of thoughts swimming around in the pond of my brain. Conversations are hard to turn into writing. I may come back and edit these entries, to add in the things I talked about. It will take time for me to process them though. In the meantime, I will keep moving forward on my journey. I’ve had a lot of fun so far and I’m excited about what is to come!

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